• so i have setup a fog 0.32 with ubuntu 10.10 works great with PCs.
    now i’m trying to setup apple to work with fog and netRestore 3.4.6. i followed the fog to apple wiki.

    the problem im having is the apple macbook boots to network finds the fog server but then the apple macbook shuts off. i can hold down the option key and the ip for fog pop right up. i’ve gone over everthing. tried different macbook samething, macbook powers off when booting off network.

    i don’t know if the macbook is getting some kind of shut down command…

  • hello astrouge,

    i figured out what was causing the macbooks to shut down. it turned out to be the install-restore.dmg files was only 1.6gb and when i remade the install-restore.dmg it came out 1.8gb i doubled check to make sure that was the correct size for that file for netRestore 3.4.6

    now the mac finds the fog server but it just sits there with the apple logo and a spining circle.
    i’m sure it has something to do with files:

    the files above are different for each folder they go into below, even though there named the same.

    netRestore make the files for ppc and i386 but not for netBootSp0.
    so thats where i’m stuck.
    i stop trying few days ago and now im back to try again…if i cant get it to work, i’ll try deploystudio.
    i’ll keep you updated on anything the comes up.

  • skylar:

    I’ve not tried mac imaging. Is this the page you were talking about?


    I’ve got several macbooks I’d like to image, so I can certainly give this a whirl in the next week or so. If you make progress, please update this link with additional steps. I have DeployStudio server, so I’ll like try that route.