When Pushbullet plugin active wrong login to webif takes 2 minutes (timeout)

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    • FOG Version: latest 1.3.5 RC2

    When Pushbullet is removed and i try to login with wrong crendentials its telling me immediatelly that the credentials are invalid. Before i had to wait 2 minutes (Timeout) to get the invalid credentials error.

    Maybe Pushbullet is broken again?

    Regards X23

  • Senior Developer

    Moved to “FOG Problems”.

  • @Tom-Elliott i have an idea, i will check it and get back to you.

    Regards X23

  • Senior Developer

    This is not a bug. It seems to be something on your network.

    To test I removed Pushbullet and readded it
    No issues encountered.

  • Jepp pushbullet is broken again, when trying to readd my account after removing and reinstalling the pushbullet plugin i get an infinite spinner when trying to add my token:

    alt text

    @tom-elliott please fix if you can :) i cannot find anything in apache log regarding to this problem.

    Regards X23

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