• Hi guys, not sure if you can help me… i hope you can.

    I have fog 0.32 all set up and humming away, certain snap-ins asccociated with certain hosts etc. However, I would like fog to deploy 1 particular snap-in to all hosts on the system automatically at 10:00pm every day right after it has deployed the “wake on lan” task to every host in the database.

    From my reading, I believe this cannot be done unless this particular snap-in was the only snap-in bound to the hosts…

    Is there another way around this? I remember some time ago, a modification could be made to the PHP code that allowed a “send single snap-in to group” option… does that still work?

    My only other alternative is to create a cron job in Fedora with a PHP scrip that will manually populate the Fog database to set an active task for all hosts…

    Any input would be appreciated.

  • Please read your related post in the Technical help section.