UNSOLVED Hostname change not working

  • ubuntu 16.04 Server

    • FOG Version:1.3.3
    • OS:
    • Service Version:
    • OS:

  • @dbakerwardog
    Just checking, the “FOG_AD_DEFAULT_USER” you have set, have you double checked it has permission to add and remove computers from the domain?
    I would try moving that computer to a workgroup using the above user and see what happens.

  • Senior Developer

    If it were me, I’d recommend testing what you currently have to ensure the information you have for the user and password are still accurate.

    Start the host in question.

    Remove from the domain manually.


    See if the client will have it join the host to the domain.

    Typically the error message you’re seeing clearly means that it cannot access to perform the actions (meaning username/password for ad joining operations are incorrect) but I have seen similar issues if the “trust relationship” cannot be valid either.

    I’d also recommend re-capturing your image but following the information here:


    It is highly recommended that the host is not joined to the domain.

  • I do not believe that i did disable the fog client. Do i need to?
    Also i believe it was joined to our domain already when i sysprep to pull the image.

  • Senior Developer

    @dbakerwardog Did you disable the FOG Client when you uploaded the image, or at the least ensure the domain was not joined before uploading the image?

  • 0_1485893065156_fog.log
    I built a new image for 8.1 and imaged our machine in our library
    the name of the machine was already recorded in the web GUI.
    I have noticed that everything else seems to be working with the image except for the name changing. All I did was image as i always have. the difference being the new FOG client and new OS image.

  • Senior Developer

    When providing logs, it’s more preferred to upload the actual log and not a snapshot of it.
    It enables people to search for issues found and/or fixed from this thread based only on text, as you can’t easily search for text in a picture.

    Can you please upload the c:\fog.log here so we can look it over?

    Based on what I’m seeing, was this host imaged and then this occurred, or did you change the hostname from the GUI and then this happened? Essentially what sequence of events did you perform that caused the problem?