Snapins question

  • I use snapins and they are a godsend as far as I am concerned. I do wonder about some things though. When I select advanced and then snapins for a host I only get 2 options “single” or “all” clearly we know what a single snapin is but when fog say all snapins, is fog talking about only the snapins you have selected for that particular host or literally all snapins you have made? Inclusive to this it would be nice to be able to only select the snapins you want to be deployed

  • @Tom-Elliott Ok Thank You!!!

  • Senior Developer

    All snapins, in perspective of the host.

    Single Snapin, when on host you only get to choose perspective of the host.

    Single Snapin, when on a group, you can kind of get a tricked version to send a host a non-associated snapin.

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