Getting stuck at /ipxe/boot.php

  • Server
    • FOG Version: working-1.3.4
    • OS: Centos 6
    • Service Version: 11.8 & 0.32
    • OS: WIndows

    Getting stuck at the PXE menu in different places
    After pressing the ESC Key
    0_1484840541795_IMG_20170119_152439 (Large).jpg

    Trying to deploy a image
    0_1484840517238_IMG_20170119_153614 (Large).jpg
    0_1484840791637_IMG_20170119_154851 (Large).jpg

    Nothing in the Apache error logs. If I deploy using the Web UI it works fine

  • Senior Developer

    Yes. It’s not the simplest methodology and is highly dependent on your DHCP configuration layout, but it can be done. For the most part, however, if you’re using the ipxe named files, you should really use ipxe.pxe. I only recommend undionly.kpxe as it maintains the undi stack to all nics. undionly.kkpxe is meant for those with buggy bios’ (anything that undionly.kpxe works on will work with undionly.kkpxe as well) but I can’t say the same about ipxe.pxe, though it should work for most systems.

  • @tmldale ignore me, I switched from undionly.kpxe to ipxe.kpxe and seems to of solved it

    is there a way to give different network cards/devices a different pxe bootfile?

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