All hosts display "No Data" in "Imaged" column.

  • I’m new to FOG. I just configured a FOG server for our site and it works great, however, under Host Management the column “Imaged” shows “No Data” for all the hosts listed. These are hosts I’ve imaged to the server over the past 3 days. What should this field display and where should I begin troubleshooting? Thanks!

  • @Tom-Elliott Yes, “imaged to the server” meaning captured. Thanks for the correct reference Host=deployed, Images=Captured. I was looking at this a different way. We use FOG only for saving images of customized hosts (about 20) in our environment. Thanks!

  • Senior Developer

    What do you mean “imaged to the server over the past 3 days?” If you are referring to captured images from, then the No data makes perfect sense. Images get updated for their last captured time, hosts get updated for their last deployed time.

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