Win7, Optiplex 390, partition corruption after 3rd party software install

  • Hello fellow foggers (fogites?).

    I’ve been chasing my tail for the better part of two weeks trying to nail down an issue.

    Let me sum up:
    • Windows 7, SP1 on Dell Opti 390
    • Fresh install of FOG on Ubuntu 11.10 <-- done as a troubleshooting step. On hardware, not VM
    • Multi-partition, single disk image definition in FOG
    • Two images - one works, one doesn’t:
    a) OS ONLY, Manually shrunk partition - left 4GB free space, Sysprep/defrag, upload and deploy works fine with FOG
    b) OS + Some 3rd party apps (Office, Firefox, 7zip, etc…) - Manually shrunk partition (4GB free), defrag, upload seems fine, but when deployed the system will not boot, and fdisk reports SEVERE disk corruption. Windows recovery will not successfully recover the system - too corrupted. Odd behavior with the deploy also.

    When I capture and deploy image (b), there seems to be odd network traffic - the client cooks right along until about 80%, and then drops from 3GB/min to something much lower. Takes 3 minutes for the first 80% of the image, then another 10 minutes for the last 20% - this happens on both the upload and the deploy. Watching the network throughput on the server shows very little traffic movement during the slowdown, with occasional spikes of about 8MB/sec (on GigE). Prior, I see about ~45-60MB/sec.

    Has anyone run into this or have any further ideas on how to trouble shoot this down or fix?

    Thanks all!