Config setting clarification


    Could someone explain what this does. I read the tooltip, but not completely sure I understand.

    I use the location plugin, and the snapins are located on each storage node. Doesn’t FOG install snapins based on the closet node already, or does it pull from the location you have set on the host?

  • Thanks, that what I was wondering.

  • @adukes40 Yes.

  • Ok, so by default it pulls the snapins from master server, as it is defined in the client during installation. I could check that box and have it pull snapins from the location set by the hosts settings.

    I have that correct?

  • This alter’s the location of hosts to point at the host’s set location.

    I don’t know how to make it much clearer.

    In essence, by default, the fog client will download from the server it’s defined to check in with.

    This checkbox enables you to tell the hosts to get their snapin files from the defined location. (The defined being the location that host is associated to).