FOG 1.3.0 Release Candidate 30

  • Hi,

    since it’s RC i am really cool with all the updates, you have to expect that if using a RC release.
    So we all should be really happy that bugs are fixed as fast as hell.

    @Tom-Elliott Thank you for all the hard work 🙂 not to forget the guys working in the background…

  • Hey all, just wanted to give information on why the “frequent” RC’s this week.

    I’m kind of tied up at work, so only have limited time during the evening this week.

    If there’s a bug found and fixed within an hour or so, I will typically republish (hoping not everybody has already updated). This because strenuous and confusing the more “repubs” go up, so if a day (approximately) has gone by, rather than republishing under the current RC, I will just release the RC as if it is new. (No the day to day will not always happen, just this week mostly.)

    As you all have hopefully been noticing, the bug’s are significantly lowered and it’s simpler (at this time) for me to keep up once I get home.

    These frequent releases, by no means, mean that there’s any largely significant bugs or problems, just I want to get the items out for testing as much as possible.

    Please keep up with the reports as you notice them.