SOLVED Adding AD authentication to permit people to quick image their computers

  • Hi

    I’m working in several colleges and I wish to permit teachers to deploy computers if they need to do themselves.

    It would be great to let people belonging to a specific AD group to deploy computers using their login / password stored in the AD.

    Here is a small tutorial explaining how to test a valid username and password. This blog show this is quite easy; the (not sooo) hard work woud be managing permissions with an AD group.


    That would be a great alternative to managing accounts in the webinterface.

  • you can do this youself… all you need is VBScript with the MySQL ODBC connector…

    Simply “fake” the task into the fog database if the vbscript conditions are met (ie. valid ad user).

    I know for some other projects where I needed AD to controll the level of access someone had, I used a field that wasnt in use like title or zip code and used a numbering system 1 to 10 which denoted access levels.

    Please feel free to credit me in your VBScripts once its all up and running… 😉

  • … already asked earlier 🙂