Multicast Deployment and basic deployment & deployment speed dropping

  • I am new to FOG
    and I have two questions-…-!

    The first one is:
    After the installation and imaging.
    I find that I can only deploy the image by multicast mode only
    but when I tried to deploy the image by the basic mode(actually I don’t know what’s it called) , the system halted after the deployment started a few seconds.
    I don’t know it’s the problem of my settings or something else

    The second one is:
    the deployment speed keeps dropping (multicast 3 clients)
    when the task just started, the speed is about 600MB/min
    but after about 30mins, when I came back to check the progress I found the speed dropped to about 400MB/min and the speed was still dropping
    Is there any method to speed up the progress?

    P.S. I am not good at English so if you can’t understand what I am saying, please reply me and I will try my best to explain it because I do want to solve these problems. 😄
    Thank you for helping me!

    ( I am not sure whether I have posted in the correct area or not. If not, please tell me:P)

  • At least you can multicast LOL! When I get a task started for multicast all machines load up fine but then freeze on “Please Wait.” I can deploy machines but only about 10 or so at a time. We started at trying 20 machines but a few of them will come up with errors when trying to image…“NOHZ: local_softirq_pending 08.” This is nerve racking…I have done well with building the machine and installing Fog…I have it running stand alone with independent DHCP through a Cisco unmanaged 24-port switch. We are imaging laptops and have about 1000 to go. We are in a bad situation. It would be nice if someone could help me out as well. I am still fairly new to Ubuntu and not totally comfortable with this new education yet…LOL.

    Server Specs:
    HP Compaq 5100 Small Form Factor
    Pentium 4 Duo-Core 3.2GHz
    2 GB RAM
    Using a PCI Intel PRO/1000 GT low-profile NIC
    Running Ubuntu 10.04 with Fog 0.32

    I realize this hardware is minimal but right now its the only thing I have to work with. The system monitor shows to barely have any CPU usage or RAM usage. The network activity is steady at about 75%.