FOG 1.3.0 Release Candidate 14

  • Left blank purposely as news site is not working.

    Once the news site is updated and working we’ll update this with the link. This is more or less to let people know it is currently available.

  • Of note for this, while we wait.

    Fixes include WOL issues which will now, and properly, WOL from storage nodes.
    IPXE binaries have been updated to start up with a 10 second delay (and informative message first so people don’t think something is hung). This 10 second delay should help with some systems that take a bit for the link to come up.
    Group taskings only worked for imaging types only which was accidental. This is now fixed and should work properly.
    Proxy information was not working properly and seems to work for RC 14.
    Fixes the init.d mysqld init script getting a comment in some Distributions of redhat. This was unknown but figured out and fixed for latest. This was originally thought to be a repository issue but it was not.
    Fixes a bit of Arch installation problems.
    Fixes Fedora 24 not being able to be installed for some reason or other.