SOLVED Deploying image to VM with smaller HDD

  • Hi all,

    As the title explains, I’m trying to deploy a captured, resizeable image from a Dell PC to a vSphere VM. The problem I’m running into is that FOG is not partitioning the /dev/sda2 partition with enough space and the cloning process fails.

    I’ve verified that the d1.fixed_partition_size under the /images/<image name>/ folder is “1” according to previous forum posts and I have the following listed as my d1.minimum_partition_size:


    However, running fdisk -l gives me the following:


    Is there something that I’m doing wrong? Is there a debug option for fixing partition sizes that I completely missed? Thanks for any help!

    • FOG Version: 1.3.0 RC-6
    • OS: Ubuntu

  • @jmer129 That’s exactly what this file is used for. It maintains which partitions should be “fixed” or set as it was when the image was originally captured.

  • Ah, somehow I mixed up the two image files there, sorry! The top image is the result of running fdisk -l, and the bottom is the d1.minimum_partition_size. The image was of a 500gb SATA drive (mostly empty) and I want to deploy to a 50gb VM.

    I have made the change you suggested and it worked! What’s this file actually used for? I assume it tells Partclone which partitions to not resize?

  • Seeing as /dev/sda3 is 50GB in size, what’s the size of the VM you’re trying to write to?

    Also, looking at the two files, it would appear partition 2 is the “boot partition”

    Can you edit the d1.fixed_size_partitions file and add: :2 to the file so the file will ultimately look like: 1:2?

    Also, please consider moving to the RC-13. RC-6 has some issues (not relating to imaging that I’m aware of) but Trying to get a clean bit of information for users using older RC’s is somewhat difficult. What’s fixed in Rc-14 may not be fixed for RC-6 and it would be difficult to lead you in the right steps to get a working solution in the case you find something while ON RC-6.