UNSOLVED Fog Full registration Don't Work

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3 RC11
    • OS: Ubuntu 14

    I encounter a problem when I inventory a new computer Fog 1.3 RC11.
    Indeed, when I get all the information (Hostname, Image …) in the Full Registration menu on PXE there is no problem. When I look in the web interface, only the mac address is entered and hostmane is the mac address, as an automatic inventory.
    Do you have a solution for me?

  • @Tom-Elliott said in Fog Full registration Don't Work:

    ou will likely need to remove th

    I delete the entry purpose the problem was always the same. I supose it was a problem of the RC9. With the RC11 when complete inventory, if I validates restore immediately, no task is created. Yet if back in the fog menu once the item is inventoried, I created the task from the pxe menu.

  • @Lombard We need the information to help you properly.

    You will likely need to remove the Entry of the host that was inserted badly before (the one that’s currently listed with a name that matches its mac address).

  • Hi,
    I just make account that I was not RC11 but RC9.
    I updated my server RC11 and I do not have this problem.
    By cons, when I do the inventory of a new post I have the following error message already register at “pcname”. Also if I ask what the position is deploy, fog does not create task.