How to use asset tag as pc name instead of mac address?

  • I am able to join the domain successfully but Fog uses the mac address as the computer name. Is there any way to set it to use the asset tag instead? Any help with this will be hugely appreciated!

  • Tom and Kansuke,

    This is also maddening me! Is it possible for Dell or HP to send a client(me) a list of MACs on a shipment? We have ordered up to 80 machines at a time, and it really sucks to have to manually add them.

    In current projects we have had to tie a Dell Service Tag to a laptop for warranty reasons:

    Boot host
    Quick inventory
    List all hosts (in FOG)
    xx:xx:xx:xx:xx --> gatesbill
    Record MAC and Service tag Name in spreadsheet
    Do this 9 more times
    Start Multicast imaging
    Box em up

    Do 7x more times

    Does this sound right, or am I out of it?

    It would be awesome to even use the asset tag as a host name like Kansuke said. I don’t know how to program, let alone tackle linux. But I’m willing to learn!


  • Hey Kansuke, I had posted this in the other thread but thought best to update this one now I see it… 🙂

    How are you adding hosts into fog then? I take it you mean you’ve got the mac address in both host name and mac address fields of the UI? Presumably this is through quick association at boot? Given the number of pcs you’re supporting I understand a visit to each to perform full host registration would be time consuming in the extreme. The only other way I can think of doing this (others here may have better/more clever ideas however) is to use the hostimport.csv. You’d still need to marry up the mac address to the asset tag though. Is the asset tag one you’ve applied yourself or one from the pc manufacturer which could be picked up via WMI or similar?