Host Primary Disk Issue

  • Hi Everyone,
    I have a [B]0.32[/B] fog setup running with which i wanted some assistance from you all.
    I have a machine that I want to clone as a single partition, re-sizable.
    The issue starts when I want to pick up [B]ONLY[/B] the second partition on the hard drive, not the first.

    For eg: I need to upload [B]/dev/sda2/[/B]
    NOT [B]/dev/sda1/[/B]

    I understand that I can specify this in: [B]Host Management[/B] —> [B]List all Hosts[/B] —> [B][click on the host of matter][/B] —> [B]Host Primary Disk[/B]

    When I specify [B]/dev/sda2[/B] in this field, FOG looks for the partition [B]/dev/sda21[/B]
    When I specify [B]/dev/sda2/[/B] in this field, FOG looks for the partition[B] /dev/sda2/1[/B]
    When I[B] DO NOT SPECIFY ANYTHING [/B]in this field, FOG looks for the partition[B] /dev/sda1[/B]

    My question is why is FOG adding the [B]“1” [/B]after my specification?
    And how would I go about fixing this.

    I am a long time FOG user and love its functionality…just need to get this issue fixed up

    I thank you all in advance for your help and time in this matter. 🙂


  • Senior Developer

    Host Primary Disk, is telling the system what DEVICE to look at. Device labels in linux are /dev/sd[a-z] or what not.

    Partions are what usually labeled as /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 etc…

    So in the most literal of senses,

    You’re telling the system to look at DEVICE called:

    The FOG System is going to try looking for a partition on /dev/sda1 as /dev/sda11

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