Problem with PROXY in Fog 1.3.0-RC-8

  • Hi,

    I have found these strange errors on the management login windows of my fogserver :

    Estimated FOG Sites: Error contacting server
    Latest Version: Error contacting server
    Latest Development Version: Error contacting server
    Latest SVN Version: Error contacting server

    I use a proxy on the server and I can access from Firefox on my fogserver with my proxy to :

    I have put the right informations under : FOG System Settings / Proxy Settings

    The strange factor is now the message in front of my post “Estimated FOG Sites: Error contacting server” and that I can not find any logs in my proxy coming from the “management login windows” of my fogserver ( but I can find the logs of the firefoxsession starting on the same fogserver )

    How can I check out this problem ?


  • Senior Developer

    I suppose this is dependent upon how your clients, vs your server, communicate to the internet.

    There could be the issue I created, though I’m starting to think your fogserver is not necessarily supposed to be going through the proxy itself?

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