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  • Hi all
    is it possible to incorporate chocolatey package manager with snapin? batch file as snapin to call the chocolatey package for example “choco install adobereader” ?

    I seen another post here by @apathetic_admin but didnt really specify the sample batch script. apathethicadmin, care to share? thanks!

    Please help

  • @Avaryan Thanks matey.

    I shouldve mentioned my environment on my post. Windows 10 Enterprise and I just tested with the powershell script you mentioned.


    Thanks and really really appreciated!

  • I haven’t tried this, but since Chocolatey is already installed it would probably be easiest to just use a PowerShell script.

    I did this on my Windows 10 PC with PowerShell 5. This is using PowerShell’s new package manager and adding the Chocolatey site as a provider.

    # Adding the Chocolately repository.
    Install-PackageProvider chocolatey -Force
    # Installing the adobereader package from the Chocolatey provider.
    Install-Package -Name adobereader -Provider Chocolatey -Force

    Again, haven’t tested it. What you want to do should definitely be possible though.

    Note: No idea what version of Windows or PowerShell you’re running. Windows 10 comes with the Package Manager and PowerShell 5. Windows 7 you can update to PowerShell 4.0 and then manually install the Package Manager. There is an MSI file somewhere on a Microsoft site about it.

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