Another Advanced Format Drive question

  • I understand that FOG .32 does not support AF drives. I am trying to figure this out as I have a NON AF drive image that I have depoyed via FOG 32 to an AF disk. It seems to work with no issues.

    A while back I deployed a non AF disk image to some WD AF drives in one of our labs. They seemingly ran fine for a day or two then ran into all kinds of strange freeze ups, apps opening up very slowly, logins taking a long time. I finally figured out that the drives in these boxes were self encrypting AF drives. I had them replaced with normal drives and thety have been fine.

    I attributed the problem to the self encrypting aspect of the drives and not neccesarily the fact that they were AF drives. When I ran the Dell Partition Alignment tool against the drives it told me that they were aligned optimally already.

    When I run the tool against the AF drive that I mentioned in the beginning of this post it also comes back as aligned.

    Can someione explain to me in what way does the current version of fog .32 not support these AF drives.