skip partition size check use partclone -C ?

  • I copied an image from another server. Current server using fog 1.3.0 RC2. When deploying image it gets to the windows partition and fails saying the HDD is too small/image to big. The image was created on a PC with a bigger HDD but the actual data would fit fine. As in the original image HDD was say 160GB but new source is 80GB but image is much smaller. I don’t rem. expanded size but certainly under 40GB.

    Is there a way to use partclone -C to skip this size check or some option I’m missing GUI wise to force the clone?

    I don’t rem this being a problem before. So maybe there is something between the server versions causing a problem? Or maybe I need to create the Image in fog first before copying? Just throwing out ideas.

    your help is appreciated,

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Yeah that makes since. I just rem there being an issue with the resizable option with ntfs at one time. And the fixed size worked better or was more stable. I don’t remember exactly and I’ve slept alot since then. Old habits I suppose.


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    You should always do resizable unless there’s a reason not to.

    You can’t expect a 500GB partition to fit on a 250GB partition. It will never work.

  • So… I found a PC with a matching HDD size and the imaging is working. At least partclone didn’t fail.
    I also updated to rc-3 just to be sure. But results were the same with smaller HDD.

    So is there an easy way to force the cloning? Is it better to do a resizable image for this problem?

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