Image Definition Path Slashes Removed

  • Hi-

    I have subfolders on our server that contain images and can no longer specify them in our image definitions because the slashes are removed from the path when typed in now that we have upgraded to 1.3.0-RC-1 SVN Revision: 5936

    Is this a bug or has this functionality been removed?


  • Senior Developer

    @jkonney Correct, they shouldn’t be possible, though I suppose it’s not the end of the world. The issue it poses, though, is it could give you access to lower level directories. For example, if you had put in the path as “…/…/…/…/usr/bin/init” you could lose your ability to load your OS any further. Of course it’s only with FOG permissions I suppose, but capturing could be a bad time.

  • We were on v1.2 and upgraded and now are experiencing this issue so I’m not sure how it was working.

    For example,

    Image Path /images/2015/DESKTOP

    If we try to enter any slashes after /images/ in the “Image Path” field, the slashes are automatically removed.

    So 2015/DESKTOP becomes 2015DESKTOP which is an invalid path.

    If I understand correctly, the slashes I’m trying to add shouldn’t be possible after v0.32 ? Thanks

  • Senior Developer

    I don’t understand.

    The path should always be in the root of the images folder. To my knowledge, the slashes were removed since 0.32 even released.

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