• I’ve been imaging the new computers for our location, and have found that I need to install a BIOS update on some of them. I ran a Inventory Report from FOG and is shows the BIOS version in that report which is very helpful. The thing is, that it only shows the BIOS version at the time it was Inventoried. Is there a way to refresh/update that data other than removing the host and performing another Inventory?

    I would like to go through and update all the necessary computers. I can handle going through and doing all the ones that I’ve already imaged, but is there a way to update the report for future reference? Thanks.

  • Senior Developer

    @Towndrunk also, any time an image is done inventory is also updated automatically

  • @Tom-Elliott Thank you. I didn’t look in the advanced tasks. I will try that now.

  • Senior Developer

    There is an inventory task type

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