iPXE menu entry Quote Duplication

  • When making any changes to the parameters section while trying to get DBAN working per the link at Fog-DBAN I noticed that while playing around with it, if I made any changes and didn’t pay attention that it would add slashes to escape the quotes. If I made a second change then another ‘\’ would be added. This would keep happening every time. I am running

    Centos 7.2
    Kernel = 3.10.0-327.22.2.el7.x86_64
    Fog = 1.3 Release 7470

    Any help would be apprecieated

  • Senior Developer

    @BedCruncher No, no problem, you didn’t know. It’s why I moved it. I just didn’t want people thinking that this particular issue had been present in “recent” versions.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Sorry about posting it in the wrong subforum. I hadn’t updated in a bit as at the time 7470 was fulfilling all of the things I had thrown at it. So far the new 1.3.0-RC seems to be working awesomely.Will definitely keep you posted if I see something else. Thanks again.

  • Senior Developer

    I’ve moved this into the Developers General as something this old, in my opinion, should not be just now coming up as a “bug” considering I’m fairly sure this issue has been fixed since around the 7700 or 7800 version of FOG.

  • So far that seems to have sorted it. It’s no longer escaping the quotes. I will keep playing around to verify, but so far we’re good. :) Thanks @Tom-Elliott

  • Senior Developer

    7470 is extremely old now.

    Please update to 1.3.0-RC-1 and see if this is still an occurrence for you.

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