• Hi there,

    A couple of months ago I set up a FOG server and with the help of you guys was able to boot ghost .vfd files as well as our utilities in .iso form.

    I was wondering if I could ask of your help again please. I’m trying to boot a linux liveCD from the menu. It boots from the menu but as it is about to go into the desktop it gives a error. I am using the same syntax to boot from a normal .iso file. I can provide screenshots if required.

    I would be most grateful if anyone could lend a hand please.


    Rob Wood

  • Hi everyone, just an update that these steps do NOT work for Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop x86. Everything works great up to a point. I find everything load until the Ubuntu background picture, but it never completes the loading process. If anyone has any suggestions, I can definitely try them out. I took the same steps and used Ubuntu 8.04.4 Desktop x86 and it worked just fine.

  • Thank you for the replies,

    Yes I am using it in a virtual environment at the moment before I let it live on the domain. I think I’m going to build a new one on a physical machine, as to change it from SCSI to IDE I would have to rebuild it virtually, so I might as well just build it properly so I can use it on the domain.

    I’ll have to check out that article and see what’s occurring.

    It just seems strange that I can boot other utilities from a .iso file but not a live CD. Hope fully what you guys have recommended works, I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again for your input.

  • I am currently able to boot Ubuntu 11.10 Live CD by following these steps from [URL=‘http://www.howtogeek.com/61263/how-to-network-boot-pxe-the-ubuntu-livecd/’]How to geek article[/URL]
    Here is my configuration from my default file located at [B]/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default[/B].

    [CODE]KERNEL fog/Ubuntu11_10/casper/vmlinuz
    APPEND boot=casper netboot=nfs nfsroot=x.x.x.x:/tftpboot/fog/Ubuntu11_10 initrd=fog/Ubuntu11_10/casper/initrd.lz
    MENU LABEL Ubuntu 11.10[/CODE]

    x.x.x.x=the ip address of your NFS server which happens to be my FOG server

    This will try to mount an NFS share and look for the [B]initramfs[/B] file. The article explains how to install the NFS server and create an NFS share where all of the files for the Ubuntu Live CD will be created.

    I have also been able to boot Clonezilla, Trinity Rescue CD, and BitDefender Rescue Live CD via this method.

  • I did some quick research on this issue. First, do you have another USB drive inserted to the computer when you try to boot this? If so, try removing it. Also, is this being done on a physical machine or a VM? If it’s a VM, you may want to try switching the drive to IDE instead of SCSI (if using VMware) I know FOG doesn’t like SCSI drives if used in VMware.

  • I haven’t updated it I’m afraid, I’m using fog_0.32 at the moment.

    I have attached a screenshot of the error that I get when I try and boot the Ubuntu live CD. I get a similar error when I try the Linux mint live CD as well. Both complain about containing a live file system.

    Also here is the syntax from my default file.

    LABEL Ubuntu Live CD
    kernel fog/ubuntu/memdisk
    append iso initrd=fog/ubuntu/ubuntu.iso raw
    MENU Label Ubuntu CD
    Ubuntu Live CD for retriving files




    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/121_ubuntu live cd error.jpg?:"]ubuntu live cd error.jpg[/url]

  • Are you using the latest memdisk? Also, did you append the iso in the config file with the iso and raw?