Can't register or image Dell E5570

  • Hello.
    We have bought in some new computers, Dell Latitude E5570.
    Previously we had the E5550, and they worked fine.
    But E5570 doesnt. If I try to register the host, it says "Could not register host due to the following reasons: nothing"
    So I tried to manually register the host in webGUI, and deploy image, but that didn’t work either. It stuck in an endless loop with no text on the screen at all.
    I read that it might be because of the fog kernel beeing old, so through the webgui I installed the latest kernel, and tried again.
    It did load the new kernel, which I named bzimage2, but I got the same result.

    Can someone help me with this issue?
    Regards, WourN

  • Nvm, I tried another kernel, Version : 4.1.2 and it worked.
    Case closed

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