• I have fog working perfectly with Win 7 and Dell 790’s and 390’s. I had an issue with some Advanced format/Encrypted drives where after a day or so the os would freeze, things would take a long time to load etc. This was attributed to this type of drive. I had them replaced and they have been perfect. Unfortunately these drives are all that we are going to be able to get going forward.

    I don’t know if the problem I had was attributed to the Advanced format or the fact that the drives were self encrypting.

    I understand that 32 does not support advanced format drives. How so? Can I deploy a non advanced current image to one of these new drives or will I see the same kind of issue that I already saw?

    Do I need to recreate all of my images If I try to use 33 beta or will my current not Advanced format images work?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.