Please help, DHCP issues!!!!!

  • Ok so I set up Fog from scratch version .32 Im running this on a network, so i sleceted not to act as a dhcp server. I put in my address of my windows based dhcp server.
    All was well. then the DHCP server scope was changed, Now i remember doing this years ago and simpley going in to etc/dhcp.config, and changing the net server ip to my new address and all was well.
    problem is, i have no dhcp.config file anywhere now,
    I have two flders in etc dhcp and dhcp3, none of which have anything to do with fog at all. i can still log in to the management inferace, do everthing i could, but i i connect tgo anything as my dhcp settings are now wrong and i cant find any way to change them with out reload fog totally which i honest do not want to do.
    Been stuck on this all week, please can some one tell me where or how i do this. I really wanted to have this up and running for monday to start imaging.



  • Not sure if I understood your problem, but you did not install DHCP server on the FOG server and you have a windows server that acts as DHCP server. Then you changed your scopes on your windows DHCP server and PXE stopped working?
    If so you just need to make sure your new DHCP scopes are configured on the Windows DHCP server, see this for more help on that:

    If you dont have dhcp server installed on your FOG server there shoudent be any dhcp config files on it.