Deploying to a group, some computers stall others finnish

  • hi,

    well, we jst got done renaming some computers cause we moved them around and well, now, it seems like some of the computers freeze when deploying an image, and others don’t!
    I will note what I noticed while searching the computer names in fog.
    lets say you have a few computers named comp1 comp2 comp3 and comp4
    when you search “comp1” you should only see “comp1” as the result correct?
    well in our case, we see “comp1” and "comp2"
    when we deploy to the computers comp1 and comp2 stall as well as 3 and 4. but waht I am wondering is why! if we unplug the network cable from 2 comp1 finishes
    should we just remove the computers all together and just re register the afflicted computers?
    thank you.

  • anyone able to help?






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