Multiple blank images created automatically

  • Hello,

    We are using Fog in french school to manage our computers.
    We are running Fog 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 15.10. Everything was ok until yesterday, today many blank images are created automatically in images management. We do not change Fog configuration at all.
    It log into sql, and delete all blank images with the command : delete from fog.images where imageName in (’ ',NULL)
    Images are deleted, but they start again to create themself automatically.
    In one minute, about 100 blank images are created.

    In try to repair my sql database, restart the sql service, reboot fog server, and still the same issue.
    No active task pending.

    Anyone could help me ?

    0_1467205302220_probleme fog.jpg


  • I found that was wrong, it was one host that was blocked on start on fog without any task pending on it ??

    We have to find what host ( there is 800 computers in school) without having his hostname.

    I have to compare export of hosts in Fog with mac adress and the apache log file.

    After i have to find in my GLPI inventory where was that netbios name in the school rooms.

    The computer failed to start on PXE. I shutdown it too quickly to save the error message.

    After shutdown it, i delete again with mysql command blank images and fog runs fine again.

    Thanks for your help searching in apache log ! i understand how it works now.

  • In the log file i can see that ip appear many times.

    I try to ping -a that ip and no netbios name is back, so i guess this machine is not registered in my dns server.

  • Here is my access.log file … i now what it is, but i do not understand the content of that file …


    thanks a lot !

  • Senior Developer

    @Benoit Well I’d recommend trying trunk out as there’s been significant improvements to hopefully limit the potential of SQL injection, XSS, but I’d also take a look at what’s being sent to the server first.

    Can you post your apache’s access log file here so we can see what’s going on (kind of)?

  • Thanks for your quick reply !

    Fog server is behind a specific firewall and proxy server developed for school environement.

    If it’s the case, is there a way to prevent that ?

  • Senior Developer

    My guess is somebody is spamming the server with some erroneous data. Is your FOG server internet accessible?

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