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    @tag Sorry, it’s still morning, things got mixed up in my head.

    I think this can only be solved by directing traffic through network control, but I don’t really know enough about it to comment.

  • @Quazz - Thanks again.

    How do you mean define which NIC to use in FOG? I see only options for setting the server side NIC… Am I missing something here?

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    @tag You can define wich NIC to use in FOG, so no, it would only use that NIC. Everything else will depend a lot on your network setup so I can’t comment on that.

  • @Quazz - Thanks for the reply.

    You’d be correct in assuming that next-server is set as per default by the FOG installation script.

    If i understand you correctly, your suggestion of trunking would enable the client to connect to the TFTP server on either link? I’d rather not, as the other link is only 100Mbps on some cheap Cisco 2960 SI series.

    Ideally the clients would choose the correct link matching the network ID of the next-server.

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    I also tried adding option tftp-server-name X.X.X.X; to my dhcpd config file, but no luck.

    The correct option is next-server X.X.X.X

    That’s probably already correctly set judging by your post.

    Your problem may be resolved by trunk, maybe not, but you’d need to install newer Ubuntu version for it.