Failed to create deploy task, Image is not valid

  • Just made a new FOG server 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 from scratch and I was attempting to upload my first image. So far I’ve registered the Host and created an image but when I choose the Host under “task management” and clicked upload I get the following error. Any idea why that’s happening?

    "Failed to create deploy task

    Image is not valid"

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    @Paul-Storic They can be separate or you can configure FOG to name the target computer what you have the device registered in fog. To do that you need to either enable early host name change or use the FOG client (must be installed on the reference image) to rename the host and connect it to AD.

  • @george1421 When you say “name target #2”, the name I give it there is used within FOG only right? When I boot into windows and rename it they are seperate

  • @george1421 Thanks so much, you’ve been very helpful! I’ve been using Acronis and a windows 7 VM to keep an up to date image and then storing it onto a NAS so I’ve been looking for alternative way to image and this looks promising. Just a bit of a learning curve like anything else

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    @Paul-Storic The short answer is yes, kind of.

    For target #2 the standard step is to full register the machine. That will give you a chance to name the target #2 computer, select an image, and enter some other settings right from the target computer. At the end of registration it will ask you if you want to image the machine, answer yes and the target computer will reboot and deploy the image (all without touching the FOG management gui).

    If you don’t care about naming the computer, you can just select quick image, select the image and it will download to the target computer. But understand that fog will not remember systems that have been quick imaged. You must register the system for fog to know about them and to be able to manage them.

  • Now that I have the image uploaded, can I simply boot any PC that I want to pull that image via PXE and select it or do I need to deploy it from the management console?

  • Thanks George, that was the answer!!!

  • Thanks George, that could have been the problem. There was no host image selected from the drop down menu. Once I have that selected all I need to do is PXE boot the PC that I want to capture and it will automatically pull the image?


  • Sure, sorry for the delay I had to leave for the day. I’ll be back at 8AM tomorrow and I’ll upload that.

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    @Paul-Storic {left me hanging in chat}

    Can you post an image of the host definition, please? In the host definition it should indicate what image to use.

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    @Paul-Storic moving to chat.

  • If I want to upload my first image from the client to the fog server don’t I click upload here?


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    @Paul-Storic Gotcha, you are on 1.2.0 stable. So that sets the context for the discussion.

    What does your host definition look like for this target system?

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    @Paul-Storic Just for clarity, you need to create the Image definition first then go into the host and assign that host to the image. The wiki page appears to have it backwards (IMO).

  • It’s 1.2.0


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    @Paul-Storic said in Failed to create deploy task, Image is not valid:

    I haven’t uploaded yet, I am trying to…

    I must not be explaining this very well. I understand you are trying to upload. I got that, but the error that fog is throwing says you are trying to download an image to the target computer. Not trying to be harsh, but either you are confused or there is something wrong with your fog install.

    Now if you are running fog 1.2.0 stable the up and download commands were confusing so the developers change the names to capture and deploy.

    What are the numbers from the FOG cloud (top left) of the FOG management GUI?

  • 1.2.0 stable.

    The wiki steps are to register the client, create an image object, then create the upload task. The upload task is where it’s giving that error.


  • I haven’t uploaded yet, I am trying to…

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    @Paul-Storic I think we have something going on here I don’t understand. The error doesn’t match the action. You are uploading but the error says deploy. And the error code matches a deploy. If you try to send a blank (null) image to the target computer.

    When you say you are on FOG 1.2.0 are you on fog 1.2.0 stable, or the trunk (dev) build of FOG 1.2.0 (I know its confusing). There should be numbers either on or near the cloud on the FOG management gui, what are those numbers?

  • No I’m trying to upload (Capture) the first image, not deploy. I was following the steps on the wiki. After registering the client the next steps were to create the host on the mgmt page, step 2 was to create the image, and step 3 was to create an upload task that links to the host but immediately after I click the Upload arrow next to my host is when I get the error under task management0_1466455780831_Capture.JPG :

    Failed to create deploy task

    Image is not valid

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