'Hide Menu' option ignores 'Default Item' menu entry

  • Hi there,

    I have a default menu entry to chain to another pxe server which works fine, however the default option is ignored when “Hide Menu” is set. I’m not sure if this is intended behavior and am wondering if it would be possible to still follow the default menu option without actually showing the menu system initially.

    These are my “Default Item” menu parameters, which is also set to “Menu Show with: All Hosts”:

    set net0/next-server
    set filename pxelinux.0
    chain tftp://${next-server}/${filename}


  • @Tom-Elliott Thanks very much for the quick response Tom, I figured that was the case. So there’s no way to specify a next-choice pxe option (like chaining another server), just using something from “Exit to Hard Drive Type”?

  • Senior Developer

    Hide menu hides ALL menu entries. That’s its purpose.

  • I’m running version 8179.

    Exit to Hard Drive Type: EXIT
    Exit to Hard Drive Type(EFI): EXIT

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