• I have a functioning fog server and it has been working well but I am seeing some issues. We have 2 buildings connected with fiber and the clients on the subnets are set to PXE boot first in the order. These all work with no problems.

    However we have many other buildings that are connected via a VPN tunnel back to our main location. Whenever I attempt to PXEboot a client at any of these locations the box gets stuck at TFTP and never goes anywhere. When I issue the following command from any of the problem boxes the command is successful.
    tftp x.x.x.x get pxelinux.0

    Any ideas?

  • Try to check the command file for the machine in question.
    /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/01-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX (The file is named after the MAC of the machine)

    Within that file check to make sure all settings are correct. Like DNS=(should be your DNS on Your network and not the remote DNS)

    Another thing to check: is there something broadcasting on the remote network that could interfere with the traffic?

  • cisco 2811 to 2811 with vpn configured. I ran the command on the workstations that were hanging at TFTP (After changing the boot order)

  • Is your VPN tunnel done with hardware? or software?
    When you run your command, where did you run it?

    Answer those and help me understand more about this network.