HP DL360 G5 registration issues

  • Hello ,

    I received few HP DL360 G5 we tried to register and deploy image with fog but when servers boots get ino black screen looks like its halt or similar.
    We using FOG 3.2 with Kernel - 3.3.3 Core
    Anyone had any experience with such servers type please advice how to overcome this issue

  • Hi A[URL=‘http://fogproject.org/forum/members/astrouga.907/’]astrouga[/URL],
    Thanks for the info
    The blank screen happen while i am trying to full register option with FOG, during the initial boot registration phase its not getting even to write computer name.

    I will try 3.4 , but DL360 G5 its old server model at least 4 years so 3.3 should be working ?

  • Without knowing more, it is difficult to identify the problem. You can try the 3.4 kernel I built. It might work for you, if it is a driver issue. It solved some issues for me. Click on the “Download this file” button:


    Also, others in the forum generally recommend updating your BIOS or checking the settings there. Have you done that?

  • What OS are you trying to image/deploy? What is the image type?
    Please verify that you have successfully pulled an image from one of these.

    Also, can you clarify – It sounds like when you PXE boot your system, it just goes to a black screen, nothing happens. Is that right? Does it even attempt to PXE and if so, how far does it get in the process when it stops?

    Can you get to the PXE boot menu in fog?

  • Hi Again
    any news about that ? someone?