• I’m not seeing this working. Trunk ver 7981, Ubuntu 14.0.4. I have it globally enabled and enabled it for one host as a test but it’s not showing up in fog.log at all even through three restarts. Is this feature dead? I saw a note in a forum post that it wasn’t going to be around much longer. I think it would be cool to have since I have lots of school machines with MANY student accounts building up, but can’t use Dynamic Local User to deal with them. We used to use Deep Freeze so accounts didn’t last past a restart, but we’re in different territory now.

  • @Tom-Elliott Cool, thank you!

  • @gwhitfield the new client, and even the legacy client did not work with the user cleanup or directory cleanup since vista. This is because of permissions and security change ms has made to their OS. Because of this the new client does not do anything remotely close to user cleanup or directory cleaning.