FOG Multi-Site Multicast

  • Hey all,

    I have been using FOG 0.31 with the [URL=‘’]multi-site setup[/URL] modified to allow mobile laptop storage nodes for a couple weeks now. This has worked great so far with three remote sites done concurrently over two days (a logistics issue not a FOG problem).

    One feature I would really like, however, is the ability to multicast from the storage nodes. Currently the code causes all multicasts to be initiated from the master node. This occurs in spite of the Location Patch. With multicast broadcast disabled between subnets this means that we cannot multicast at remote locations, only unicast*.

    *Which is not really broadcasting btw. It’s just connecting to the images folder as a nfs share on the storage node.

    Does anyone know if there is an easy way (i.e. not recoding the whole project) of getting this working? I’ve poked around in the code some and am just hoping it is something relatively simple.


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