SOLVED Get more Notifications from Pushbullet for example "XY joined domain successfully"

  • Hi,

    is it possible to make more notifications from pushbullet configurable.
    Afai can see we have only notifications for:

    • Image task complete
    • XY failed to login (webif)

    It would be cool to also have:

    • XY joined domain successfully
    • Snapin XY deployed
    • Printer XY installed

    Regards X23

  • To add on, events such as what you’re describing, would need to work based on a return. I can have it say it did such a thing, but if there was an error the information would be incorrect.

    Returning a code, I think, is not necessary at least from the GUI’s perspective.

    Hostname changer does not come with a return code, nor do I think it should.

    The only reason snapins have this is because they are their own thing. They have a return that let’s the FOG system know they are complete. There are no other client files that do this.

  • You can create your own hooks to do such a thing.

    I’ll add some event’s to work against.