Image only 1 of 2 partitions?

  • It doesn’t look like this is possible at the moment, but would it be possible to use fog to upload/deploy a single partition on a disk?

    Eg. Hard drive is partitioned with 100Mb win 7 partition, a 😄 drive and a d: drive. I’d want to image the 100Mb bit and the c drive, but leave the d drive in tact.

    Any thoughts how I could go about creating this as a function?

  • I think it is possible.

    Try to follow my logic:
    You make an image of a hard drive and it creates files for each partition. (That’s easy)
    Once done, you have a directory and files like this.
    /images/IMAGENAME/HOSTNAME/d1.mbr – Master boot record
    /images/IMAGENAME/HOSTNAME/d1p1.img – C:\ Drive
    /images/IMAGENAME/HOSTNAME/d1p2.img – D:\ Drive

    As the above file structure shows you [B]Disk 1 Partition 1[/B] and [B]Disk 1 Partition 2.[/B]

    So, if you only wish to restore the C:\ drive and not the d:\ drive, simply remove or rename the file for that partition, in this case it would be [B]d1p2.img[/B].

    Now, this does not solve your issue 100% (because it will still upload/backup all partitions) ; BUT will
    allow you some flexibility when downloading/restoring images.

    [B]This is only theory and has not been tested/ proven by me.[/B] (but I think others have.)

    I can test this theory when I find time… it could prove useful.