Fog not showing any task and uploading not working.

  • Hi all,

    just today i have install fog0.32 version. i have install it successfully, registered 2 hosts, create default image for them.

    but whenever i am starting a upload image task, task never started and not showing in active task list. it gave me confirm task while clicking on schedule button.

    i am using it’s older version from long time but didn’t get this type of problem ever. I am trying to upgrade my server with latest version of fog0.32. however i am using rhel5.3_64bit or rhel5.1 32 bit. i tried on both but same problem.

    somewhere on this forum i read that upgrading php5.1 to php5.3 can solve the problem. i tried the same but no luck .

    i checked all the user and password combination working perfectly and also updated into config.php too at both locations. but still no luck…

    please help me.

  • Is TFTP working? What happens when you PXE boot the clients? Do you get to the FOG menu?