Fogg Server Hardware Requirements

  • I am trying to find some documentation in relation to scoping out server requirements for the Fogg server itself. I would like to be able to image 20 computers at a time (hopefully can complete within an hour). A dedicated server with a dedicated switch. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • We have our fog server running on a Celeron machine with 4GB RAM and a WD Caviar Black 7.2k SATA drive. It has a 1GB link to the network and all clients have a 100Mbps link.

    We roll out 10 machines at a time, and did an 18GB image on Friday in 15 minutes for 10. So our room of 22 finished in about 40 minutes.

    So your spec should be fine.

  • That should work just fine for you 😃

  • Pretty new to the Fogg project so the Main Server vs. Storage is new to me. What if I went with your current setup above - Core2Duo, 8GB RAM, 7.2k SATA drive, and a GB switch. We would be imaging Windows7 machines with pretty basic applications install so I am guessing the image will be in the 10-15GB range.
    Is that HDD in the server fast enough?
    I’m pretty sure all my client HDDs are 5400 RPM and mostly with 10/100 NIC’s.
    With that setup and knowing my clients do you think I could get 20 images done in an hour?

  • I’ve done multicasting of 20 pc’s (4gb image) on a standalone switch with a Core 2 Duo with 8GB of memory (dedicated).

    Again, the speed of your network / size of your image / and HDD speed of your server and clients dictates your overall speed.

    More info here - [url][/url]