• Hello Everyone!

    I have an HP Pro 3000 that doesn’t want to boot form the network. This is what I get.

    PXE-T00: File name too long
    PXE-E36: Error recieved from TFTP server
    PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

    About 5 minutes before that I imaged another computer, HP 5850, with no problems at all. Can pull and push images.

    Anyone give me any direction on what to do?


  • Well I solve my own problem! Tends to happen a lot.

    The problem ended up being the Bios version wasn’t supported, and it was the latest and greatest.

    The fix, I remembered an option in Clonezilla to use PXE boot. So for the giggles I booted off the Clonezilla CD, selected iPXE boot. then FOG started working, but an error came along saying “unsupported bio’s version”. So i let it sit for a little bit, under 2 minutes and it just started going! It’s imaging the computer right now as I type.

    I find this quite remarkable and think it should be sticky’d. This will help a lot of people with these problems.

    Yes, it kinda defeats what FOG is trying to accomplish, but hey it still beat going through all the lines of clonezilla to get an image rolling.

    And my other error was due to my user in FOG being the same on ubuntu, same password and all. So that’s all fixed and ready to go!

  • Also I see in my logs I’m getting “[LEFT][COLOR=#333333]Failed to connect to database server, will try again in next iteration.” This is happening every 10 seconds. [/COLOR][/LEFT]