FOG Failing to modify groups error

  • Hi, everyone. I’m having an issue with FOG, and myself & co-workers/boss can’t find anything about the issue anywhere, and we cannot figure out what is wrong, and why it’s doing this.
    Yesterday there was a small power outage, and ever since that happened, FOG hasn’t been working properly.

    Every time I try to add a host to a group, new or old, it comes up with this message: “Failed to modify groups! Query Failed: Duplicate entry ‘7539’ for key ‘PRIMARY’”, and it will not add the host to the group. Every thing else in/with FOG seems to be working just fine, except for that. And is not just the one group/host, because I have tried adding different hosts to different groups, and it still does not work. I can remove hosts from groups, modify the hosts, etc. Does [I]anyone[/I] know what we could do, why it’s doing that…anything?

    I’m attaching a screenshot, just so you can see it:

    Thank you,
    ~ Anna