• Hi,
    I’m using ubuntu desktop 11.10 and when i try to deploy an image to pc it’s stuck at 0% in “restore partition from image file” window…Same with ubuntu desktop 12.04…Any ideas?

  • I will remember that 🙂
    Thank again.

  • [quote=“Traian, post: 3488, member: 1135”]It’s working! The kernel was the problem, i updated him and is ok now…Many thanks :)[/quote]
    Glad to hear it worked out for you.

    As a friendly reminder if you have a model computer that will not boot / image the first things to check are what I posted above (Kernel / bios setting). If neither of those 2 work then the work gets a bit more involved to make the model compatible.



  • It’s working! The kernel was the problem, i updated him and is ok now…Many thanks 🙂

  • If you could, please check and see if you are the latest kernel (you can update it through the fog web console under settings).

    Then try to boot into debug mode as shown here - [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/quick-host-registration-stalling-at-kernel_thread_helper.746/[/url] (post #5) see the video. Simply PXE boot the client computer and select debug mode.

    It’s possible that a few things are going on.

    #1. Your chipset isn’t supported or controller isn’t supported
    #2. Your bios is set to ACHI / RAID so Linux fails to mount and back up these partitions (check and see if you can set them to SATA mode).

    I’m pretty sure your NIC is supported due to you saying it started to back up the machine and the task started.

    Also please note that if a client machine doesn’t boot, it’s typically not the server side that has issues (other than a kernel update or software update for the fog project software). Most often it’s the new equipment that needs to be made to work with the existing kernels (or the kernels need to be updated to support them)

  • PC: Lenovo ThinkCentre M57 6072
    intel® 82566dm-2 gigabit network connection
    Chipset intel q35

    I didn’t use sysprep, i installed fog client on the machine i was trying to image and i started a deploying task on the server. Instalation of windows was a reinstall with the default 100mb partition.
    Sory for my english 🙂

  • oh, never mind then sorry.

    We need more information to help you further. Could you please tell us what type of pc you were trying to image? Make / model / chipset / nic / etc.

    Also when you imaged the PC were you using sysprep? Was the installation of Windows 7 a factory install or a reinstall with the default 100mb partition?

  • It was a windows 7 imaging, ubuntu 11.10 is my fog server.

  • I believe that imaging for Linux is in the works but not fully supported due to EXT4 coming out in .033

    More info here - [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/problem-uploading-ext3-ubuntu-image.459/[/url]