FOG 1.2 and new fog Client

  • Hello All,

    Is the new fog client available with the Fog 1.2 ?
    When I check the Client Updater on my web interface there is nothing there and nothing new too in the client management part ?
    Is there another way to get the client, using .NET 4.xx will be great instead of the 2.x (wich has to be installed on W10 for making Fog client 0.9x works) ?

  • Senior Developer

    The new client will not work with FOG 1.2.

    If you want to use the new client, I’d highly recommend you upgrade to trunk.

    While I do understand hesitation of upgrading to an “development” version, I can assure you this version works with the new client as the new client and FOG where built together with a lot of collaboration between @jbob and myself.

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