• Hello,

    I add our 200 hosts in a multicast group and start a multicast session . I only want to reinstall some of these clients, so the others are not connected to the network. These clients remain “queued” . How can I delete these tasks at once, maybe with a command prompt at putty?

    like “service FOGMulticastManager stop/start”

  • @Deimos Update to trunk and adding choices is MUCH simpler, as well as “cancelling” other tasks.


  • Yes, it is FOG 1.2.0

    Of course: To create a group containing ONLY the hosts to multicast is the thing I actually do. But it is troublesome to select 35 clients out of ~ 300 in only short time. Because after the first multicast session I have to create a new group with 35 out of ~ 300 and so on.
    And I can´t foresee which clients will be in the next group. They are coming in randomly.

    So I just thougth to create a huge group with all clients (~300) and kill all those who aren´t actually multicasted. But to kill all single tasks is nearly the same time like to create a group fitting all needed clients
    Please excuse my bad English.

  • The easiest way would be to cancel the tasks from the active tasks screen. Of course we’d need to know what version of FOG you’re running as 1.2.0 didn’t have an ‘en-mass’ method to doing this. Once that’s done, you will likely have to restart the FOGMulticastManager service though I don’t know if it will actually update the clients it’s expecting. The “Simplest” method would be to create a group containing ONLY the hosts you want to multicast to. Cancel the currently running multicast task and recreate it using the group containing the hosts you want to image. Once that’s done you should be good to go.