SOLVED "Install/update your database schema" URL just goes to normal FOG UI

  • Hi all,

    This happens every now and then when I update to a newer version of Fog. In this case today I updated from 7332 to 7476

    Steps I follow:

    1. Download the latest trunk via
    svn checkout
    1. Run the installer
    /home/svn/trunk/bin# ./

    Everything does fine with the installer, until I get to this stage

    * You still need to install/update your database schema.
    * This can be done by opening a web browser and going to:
     http://my ip/fog/management
    * Press [Enter] key when database is updated/installed.

    When I browse to that URL in my browser, I just get the normal FOG login screen. Clearing browser cache or using a different browser doesn’t make any difference. To complete the installer I just press enter anyway, and FOG still seems to work (although I do find I need to manually reset the password of the FOG unix user).

    Any thoughts as to why this would happen? Of the 10 or so times I’ve updated from svn, I would estimate only 3-4 of those times I’ve actually had the correct ‘update database’ screen show up in the browser when I go to the URL directed in the install script. Or maybe it is by design, and I’m not seeing that page as nothing has changed in the database / schema?

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Thanks Tom, I figured that might be the case I just wanted to double check.

    Probably not a huge priority, but would it be worth adding something to the install script that checks to see if any schema changes are needed, and if not the step about going to the URL to update it is skipped? Or at the very least, add a notice to the step that confirms that going to the URL and not seeing a schema update page is by design if there are no updates, and that you can just continue on with the installer.

  • Remember, schema updates will only show schema page if needed. Going to the URL when there isn’t an update will just present you with a login screen, in which case you can simply return back to the installer and press enter.