• Hi,

    I hope this is in the right section but here goes…

    I have a Windows Home Server which I have created a NFS share on. I am running a FOG server using the VM downloaded from FOG’s main website. I mounted my NFS share by editing /etc/fstab using the following code:

    [CODE] /images nfs defaults 0 0[/CODE]

    I backed up my /images directory to /imagesold

    Then I ran the following:

    [CODE]mount -a[/CODE]

    I copied everything back to /images, all seems to be working fine, I can see the files on my NFS share on windows, when I go into fog management I can now see I have a 120GB of storage available which is the size of my NFS share. Then I try to upload an image by pxe booting I get a Permission Denied message mounting the NFS share, now I haven’t edited the storage node to point directly at my NFS share but rather left it to the default as I see no need to do this since I have already mounted the share. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can post an image if that helps of the exact error I am getting?


  • I think I need help with the permissions issue with regards to fog trying to mount my Windows NFS share, can anyone assist?

  • Ok I have now got it working by pointing the storage node directly at my NFS share, seems to be working fine, the only thing is now the disk information doesn’t show anything, anyone have any ideas?