Importing CSV host file into FOG

  • Hey all,

    it looks like the CSV file format information on the Wiki hasn’t been updated in awhile, so I have a question I hope someone can answer.

    We’re working of compiling lists of computers using an inventory program, and then intent on importing a CSV of that info into FOG so all hosts will be registered.

    I’ve read the tip here: [url][/url] (#3), but I have a feeling it hasn’t been updated in awhile, especially since Windows 7 was released.

    [B]My question is this: What’s the options to use for OS so I can make sure it gets applied properly?[/B] The tip says “XP/Vista” as the choices but what about Windows 7? Should I expressly use whatever the OS option is listed as in the FOG management page? (such was Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, etc etc) or should I use the OS ID #?

    Also, if I don’t want to provide information that the CSV file say it needs (such as IP address, description, etc) should I leave a column for those open and just have no information typed there?

    If anybody has used this feature successfully and can provide some information, I would appreciate it.

  • Gotcha, will try all this out once I get some data gathered 🙂 Thanks a bunch.

  • What I meant to say was retain the column header but just don’t put in any data. Leaving a blank column in the proper spot may work as well, but that is what I had success with.

  • I’m using 0.32. I forget they offered a template file on the fog server, so I checked that out. They listed “Operating System ID” and “Image ID” as the options, so now I’m wondering if I need to use the ID number instead of the literal name of the image or OS.

    To clarify, you are saying if I have a column of data that I don’t want to include, to LEAVE a blank column between the other two pieces of data. Example: If I don’t want to include IP address data, then I would have an empty column between Hostname and Description?

  • I used it to transfer all my hosts from my production server to a test rig and it works really well. My experience is to leave columns blank if you don’t have the data (IP address). Which version of Fog is installed? We have 0.30 which is older and Windows 7 is listed as a host OS option. If you are on a really old version, think about installing something newer so it better supports the newer desktop OS’