Imaging HD shows much larger than actual data on disk when creating image

  • I am currently trying to create and deploy and image for a set of HO Touchsmart PCs, I have FOG .32 running on Unbutu 10 Server. I had success doing this with a set of dell desktops, the image was created then deployed, the machine were renamed and then joined to the domain. When that image was created it showed the main HD partition was 38GB however when I go to image the HP machines it is showing the main partition to be 214GB but when I look at the C drive under my computer there is only 42GB of space used. Despite this fact I pressed on, created the image and deployed it, it took for ever and in the end it failed, the FOG service and a bunch of others crashed on the imaged machines and they never renamed or joined the domain. If anyone has ANY idea on this I could use the help ASAP! thank you in advance.

    All systems being imaged are windows 7 Pro 64x